UKRAINE - a state in Central and Eastern Europe. Famous for its distinctive traditions, folk art and culture. The country boasts a variety of excursion routes, both historical and natural.
A country with fabulous nature, architectural landmarks and golden-domed temples. The high-mountainous part of the relief of the Ukrainian Carpathians, year-round attract lovers of alpine skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting. The coastline of the Black Sea is a popular place among holidaymakers in the summer time.


STATE LANGUAGE: Ukrainian, Russian and English are also widely used. 

POPULATION: 45,559 million people.

CURRENCY: hryvnia (UAH).

GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION: The total area - 603.7 thousand km, Ukraine is the second largest state in Europe. Ukraine has an official border with 7 UN member states: in the east, northeast and south with Russia (1955 km) by land, sea borders in the Azov and Black seas), in the north with Belarus (1084 km), in the west with Poland (542 km), Slovakia (98 km), Hungary (135 km), in the south-west with Moldova (1202 km, of which 405 km are controlled by the unrecognized Trans-Dniester Region of Moldavian Republic) and Romania (608 km by land). The length of the coastline - 2835 km. The length of the sea border is 1355 km (1056.5 km in the Black Sea and 249.5 km in the Sea of Azov.

CLIMATE: Throughout Ukraine, the climate is temperate continental. The degree of continental increases in the direction from the west and north-west to the east and southeast. As continental grows, summer becomes hotter, and winter is colder, and rainfall decreases. For the Carpathians mountain climate is typical. Summer in Ukraine is warm and long, in the east and south - hot and dry, in the west - warm and humid. Winter is highly dependent on the region. Mild winter is observed in the south and west, the coldest winters are observed in northeastern Ukraine.

ATTRACTIONS: The sights of Ukraine are very rich and diverse; each region of the country boasts an unforgettable coloring. These are unique castles and churches, palaces and museums, and in many central cities almost every building is an architectural monument.

UKRAINIAN CUISINE: Among the Slavic cuisines, the Ukrainian are widely known. It has long been distributed far outside Ukraine, and some dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, such as borscht and dumplings, are included in the menu of international cuisine.